The Feng Shui Conversation and Consultation

Feng Shui with Lurrae is client-directed, interactive, and based on ancient wisdom and common sense principles of Feng Shui translated as “wind and water.”  I view the experience as therapeutic.  I enable you to gain clarity, identifying your life goals, intentions and balance the chi of your home or business spaces through Feng Shui principles of design and placement.  This process invariably affects your “InnerSpace” bringing renewed joy and awareness. Changes to your spaces are empowering, affecting how you feel and behave. I bring a diverse educational and professional background including extensive Feng Shui studies to my passion of designing and decorating interior and exterior environments using principles of Feng Shui.

Home is sacred space, our refuge. Home becomes a metaphor for who you are as well as the place to manifest what you wish to become. Home can be the place to actualize dreams and goals by making new placements with courage, clarity and intention when you feel stuck in our life, perhaps unclear as to what action to take next. Home may be used as the catalyst to create change. The ancient wisdom and common sense principles of Feng Shui help identify the proper locations and placements to actualize those life goals and intentions. The process is therapeutic, empowering and energizing. Classical Feng Shui attributes results to luck, chi flow, improved health, vitality, and harmony – which all ultimately lead to prosperity.

Many people have a home-based business and combine sacred space with economic endeavors. The placement of home business office and desk become even more challenging for financial success where business can happen from a laptop while sitting on a sofa or on a bed. Corporate office and business success relate directly to the power of the Feng Shui landscape of home. Home is the place to begin your Feng Shui analysis and create change.

I have created original materials to help you gain clarity and identify life goals, future projects and areas where you feel stuck or unhappy. The initial process of gaining clarity I call The Feng Shui Conversation followed by The Feng Shui Consultation which focuses on my gently suggesting corrections and remedies to the exterior and interior environment, empowering the placement of bed, desk, stove, and living room sofa as well making suggestions regarding modifications or remedies to structure and design.

It is said that change begins to shift at time of requesting a Feng Shui consultation and can come quickly when new placements are made with intention.  Most often my suggestions involving using what is close at hand and meaningful to you. Over years we collect possessions that have deep meaning to us, such as family memorabilia and gifts. We accumulate acquisitions because of color, design, usefulness or necessity. Often we leave them in place, dust or not dust. Our interior environments may remain static and so our lives may seem not to move in ways that we wish. Often change of seasons will inspire us, give us the impetus to clean, clear out clutter and prepare for changes that occur outside of ourselves. Changing our interior environments always brings new energy to our lives. This process is helpful at any time we seek change.

I have a natural talent to take the beloved, forgotten, and rarely used out of attic, closet or off the shelf to rearrange possessions, bringing a new look, vitality and mood to home and business spaces. I rarely suggest new purchases, but if so, it would be ‘life force energy’ such as fresh flowers, plants, a water fountain, rocks or crystals.  Full spectrum lighting or simply washing windows brings in more natural sunlight and opening windows invites in fresh air and the vital life force known as chi.

Simple re-decoration is fun, healthy and can reenergize our souls. It is similar to painting over an old canvas, giving it new strokes of color or design. These strokes of change and movement can be felt from the inside out, giving a new look to home or office and can make you feel happy and reinvigorated. Decorating with the Twist using principles of Feng Shui gives a little spark to enliven us. Fresh coats of paint, new flooring, appliances, whatever it may be, does create a change in mood and our ‘scenery’ changes. Redecorating can take this process to a deeper, more therapeutic and lasting level.

Feng Shui with Lurrae is my original approach and synthesis of the fundamentals of Feng Shui. There are many schools of thought connected to the ancient wisdom Feng Shui. As a Feng Shui consultant, I have developed a simple process knowing that you are prepared emotionally and physically to focus on limited changes at any one time. My format begins with preparing a Feng Shui Astrology Analysis based on your birth date to learn identify your personal trigram, elemental personality, be it – Fire, Earth, Metal, Water or Wood, beneficial colors, lucky directions, numerology of home and offering an annual Feng Shui Astrology projection for years ahead.

The Feng Shui Conversation, similar to an intake interview, seeks to identify your current areas of imbalance and bring clarity to current goals and intentions, followed by The Feng Shui Consultation. This physical review of your property moves from the macro to the micro, reviewing property size, shape and features first, followed by the home, floor plan, then each room individually and to micro details of placement and design of bed, desk, stove, living room sofa, and placement of front door.

Suggestions are made for corrections, ‘cures’ and remedies of chi flow you to fulfill your individual life aspirations and goals. A Feng Shui consultation may be therapeutic as it creates exterior and interior environments, which support health, vitality, harmony, and prosperity and is suitable for anyone who wishes to bring more energy and depth to the Nine Life Aspirations as laid out in the “The Bagua” or the Magic Square.

This Bagua template embodies all the energies of the universe and has multiple layers of meaning encompassing wisdom from the I Ching, Tai Chi, the polar opposites of Yin and Yang and the Tao. What aspects of your life do not fall into one of the categories of the Bagua known as the Nine Life Aspirations?


~ Career and Life’s Journey ~ Relationships with Self, Family, Friends, Loved Ones Past & Present ~

~ Health & Connection to Ancestors ~ Prosperity, Wealth & Cash Flow ~ Helpful People, Travel  ~

Future Projects, Creativity, Children & Grandchildren ~ Spiritual Life, Wisdom, Learning, Knowing ~

Reputation, Respect & Honor for your Work ~ The Tai Chi Symbol of Harmony and Balance ~

The Feng Shui with Lurrae Consultation process identifies your current life situations, goals, intentions and reason for requesting Feng Shui similar to an intake interview. I then make suggestions to shift the energies through new placements in home or business spaces to create a happy, harmonious, healthy, vibrant state of being in alignment with your goals. The consultation is generally completed in one therapeutic session depending on the square footage; breathe of the project and your needs and desires.

Feng Shui with Lurrae is designed to help you feel a renewed sense of health, vitality, joy, and happiness and inspired to take immediate action on desired goals and experience. Often there are quick results from those changes, ideally making three new placements with intentions during the consultation itself. Here, instant gratification and success can be possible, as one has taken immediate action on goals.

LotusWe have everything we need. Feng Shui helps you put it in the right places. Feng Shui with Lurrae is therapeutic, interactive and fun ~  “Decorating with a Twist.”