“An experience for anyone open to a soulful shift in their home and lives. I took my dearest friend’s suggestion to call Lurrae Lupone for a Feng Shui Consultation, as I was looking to be more efficient and step out into the world in a new way. We arranged a visit and agreed to incorporate an Angel Reading first which sounded like a wonderful introduction to the art and science I knew so little about.  She arrived and much like the blast of warmth that greeted me on the phone, her arrival was filled with grace and bubbly exuberance that was both comforting and exciting at the same time.

 Lurrae started with sharing the angel messages that she had received prior to her arrival. We discussed them in light of our intuitive reflections of them.  They were not only insightful but helped me to tune into where to focus my energy to help mitigate the fragmented time management I was struggling to reign in.  Her encouragement and ideas were thoughtfully jotted down and integrated into a helpful conversation about my plans and vision for the future.

My Feng Shui Consultation followed which began with a Conversation consistent with the format in her book,” Designing a Happier Life”. We went around the house to look at the energy flow and Lurrae made some gentle suggestions about how to maximize the life flow and tap into the abundance of the universe.  We looked at furniture placement, door usage, color suggestions and a variety of ways in which to incorporate a strategy based on intuition and intention to manifest a productive and successful career, whose work is based at home.

Her book and her wisdom are precious resources for learning to align most succinctly with the energy that fuels creativity and love, and her golden heart and sweetness makes the process simply joyful.  It is with pleasure that I share my experience with anyone who is open to a soulful shift in their home and lives.”   ~ 2015. Debra Alt. DebraSong.com

“Thank you for being simply the best! The Feng Shui session we had was amazing and tons of fun!  And now you and the fabulous Diana Hall from Interiors by Diana, dear friend and co-host, are changing my home for the show and in the process, my life. Thank you!

I can’t imagine getting that kind of schooling with anyone else!! Happy we interviewed you for ” Beauty in our Surroundings” segment at The Life Talk Show.  Informative and insightful, you effortlessly clued our listeners and the Life Talk panel on easy ways to change and improve our life by making simple changes to enhance Chi, like the best way to enter your home! You even suggested to our General Manager at the WDJZ RADIO station to change the placement of his desk so he can be in a position of power, which he did and loves it!

Feng Shui eluded me for years when I lived in London. Feng Shui is an old art that appeared unapproachable and difficult to understand and implement. The books I read were extremely complicated, that is why I can’t wait to read your book coming out this summer. A veteran teacher you make Feng Shui easy to understand to a layperson. No more mystery!

Can’t wait for us to finish and publish the before and after pictures of my home consultation on the Life Talk Show website, and have the big reveal!  Can’t wait to bring Lurrae and Diana’s Magic to The Life Talk Show audience! Forever Grateful for your generosity of sharing your expertise, time and spirit!! And the bonus in all –- you are a darling!   ~ Nicky P.E. Tomboulides. 2013

“I’ve never really understood Feng Shui.  It seemed a little hocus pokus, that is, until Lurrae arrived at my home ready to do what I now call, her magic. After our session, both fun and profound, was the relationship with my home and to the areas of my life that weren’t manifesting at 100%.  Lurrae suggested some “corrections” in furniture placement, so we moved a few accessories around.  it was never invasive as Lurrae was completely respectful of my willingness or not to make any changes.

The great surprise was my bedroom. In less than ten minutes, it was rearranged and I have to say, I love this new room.  Every time I walk in, I’m happy, I sleep well (better) and the space now lives more naturally and efficiently.  I’m amazed with the results of our time together and the expertise of Lurrae, my new Feng Shui guru. When we are well in our psyche, and in the physical places we occupy, we have a greater opportunity of being available for all that life offers.  Lurrae in her counseling practice, Design Your Life, is holistic in her understanding and her guidance.  Above all, I do believe, her mission and her gift, is to show us the way to greater balance.  She shares her love of life with infectious laughter and good humor (not ice cream, well maybe).  I loved working with Lurrae!” ~ Jill Butler. 2012 www.JillButler.com “Create the Space You Deserve”  Illustrator,  Visionary Communicator

“It was so nice having you here. The house feels great, wonderful, clear and clean. The room, which was my least favorite room in the house no longer is. There is a clearing for both me and Steve. I liken it to being without power for a week and then when the power comes back on there is such relief and then I have to clean out the freezer. But it’s all done and positive.” ~ Alexandra G.  2012

 “Teen Shui: What a wonderful session we had today!  Isabel, Katia and I greatly enjoyed being with you and we learned so much.  Isabel is already planning on how to rearrange her bedroom and do some new decorating.  She says she wants a gold ceiling!  You certainly have her thinking and I love the idea of transitioning to young adult life beginning in her personal space.  Thank you for your terrific energy, knowledge and kindness.”~ Jennifer Chobor, J.D.  2012 www.chobor.com    Legal Expertise for Workplace Solutions

“Thanks soooo much…. I recently enjoyed the enormous gift of a conversation with Lurrae. She listens deeply, and offered her special wisdom.” ~ Dolores O. 2012 

“I have recently suffered a great personal loss and found myself in the surprising position of having to find or make a new life.  This I hadn’t planned on, but such is life.  Enter Lurrae.  Lurrae Lupone has given me a great gift of her counsel.  She has gently guided me and talked with me and has helped me through very dark times.  Her intuitive style is such a blessing and she does it all with a smile.  I always feel that I have been heard and that I am in the embrace of a friend.  Thank you, Lurrae.” ~  Maria C.   2011 

 “Lurrae attuned the life force for me for which I remain immensely grateful. If you are thinking of having a Feng Shui consultation I highly recommend Lurrae. She is extremely knowledgeable, highly intelligent and so much fun! You’ll be happy your choice is Lurrae.”  ~ Claire  C.  2011

“My husband and I have come to know and rely on Lurrae for advice regarding our home and office environments.  Her insight and advice has changed our home physically and our space emotionally.   I would recommend that anyone interested in refining their living space invite Lurrae to visit.  Any investment you make with her will pay you back for years to come! We have lived in our house for 8 years, and when we first moved in my husband and I started to argue terribly.  I asked Lurrae to visit and she immediately identified a possible cause for our discord.  We made a simple change that day on the spot!  Over the past 8 years I guess Lurrae has visited us 4 or 5 times.  Each time we moved forward with another change that has netted us the benefit of pleasant surrounding and a steadier relationship.”~ Donna and Richard Pordes. 2011

“Lurrae I hope you are doing well! Since you have been over a lot has changed for me. Your work is great and since we moved everything around I have had many positive changes. I am glad we made a good relationship corner for me because after you came I meet the most supportive and amazing man!!!! AHH !”  ~ Ariel T.  2011

“Lurrae comes to your environment with a fresh perspective and a set of Feng Shui eyes to enhance the flow of beneficial chi to increase vitality, health, harmony, peace and the goals that you intend for your life. Joan P.   2010

“I met Lurrae through a Feng Shui ad she had placed in a local paper. She arrived promptly and proceeded to subtly change the energy that flowed through me and my home, balancing it with the energy of the universe. She used her vast knowledge of Feng Shui to skillfully arrange my surrounding, so my home became more a reflection of me. As a result my home became more comfortable to live in, my physical health improved and to my astonishment my personal relationships improved.” ~ Linda D.  2010

“Thank you, Lurrae, for helping me set myself up in my office and home to create space for “me” and my work.  I love the feel I have when I walk into my office now and so enjoy the new vistas you’ve helped me create in my life through the changes we implemented!  You have tremendous insight and heart for your work and I am so glad our paths have crossed. ~ Mary S.  2010