The Red Envelope Tradition

The Red Envelope

Lurrae honors The Red Envelope Tradition regarding acceptance of payment of fees for a Feng Shui consultation taken from the tradition of  Tibetan Tantric Buddhism Black Sect Feng Shui as taught by Professor Lin Yun.

This ritual is deeply rooted in Chinese culture as red envelopes are used to exchange money on auspicious occasions. Using the Red Envelope Tradition honors the sacred exchange of ancient knowledge and wisdom that has been passed down orally for generations from teacher to pupil and from consultant to client. Giving red envelopes is a powerful symbol of exchange with many layers of meaning involved in The Feng Shui Consultation.

  • Red is associated with life force and vibrates at high frequency, symbolizing auspicious good luck, blessings, and power.
  • Placing money in the red envelopes demonstrates client’s respect for the sacred feng shui knowledge and the placement in the envelope is an action that sets the intentions of the consultation.
  • The use of the Red Envelope acts as a protection for the consultant who is sharing this ancient knowledge responsibly and respectfully and separates the energy and karma between consultant and client.
  • When client takes the time and effort to create or find red envelopes it is another layer of honoring the ancient and sacred wisdom along with the transcendental quality of some of the cures. The consultant sleeps on the envelope(s) overnight to visualize the benefits of the consultation coming to the client and for awareness of any key suggestions that may have been missed to follow up immediately.