Designing A Happier Life.

Feng Shui Consultations, Conversations and Solutions

“The purpose of Feng Shui is to deflect ill fortune, to attract good luck,

and to create the blessings of health, harmony, and prosperity by influencing

our destiny through the cultivation of chi.”     – Chinese Proverb

Designing a Happier Life is a consulting practice based on action steps to move you toward celebrating your authentic self, gifts, dreams, and life aspirations.  What will make you feel more alive? Happier?  Be in the flow doing what you love most? I am a life coach using Feng Shui principles as my primary tool to achieve those goals.

What are dreams if you don’t work to achieve them?   Feng Shui with Lurrae is designed to help you identify your dreams, chart a new course, then place metaphors as reminders of your new direction in your home. I use home and business spaces as the template for change. Home is a safe place to take action. I blend the science of positive psychology and well-being with the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui principles.

Feng Shui, pronounced “fung schway” is a useful and powerful system to design exterior and interior environments for home and business contributing to vitality, health, happiness, harmony and balance, and ultimately, success and prosperity. Feng Shui is also known as the art and science of placement and design. The primary goal is chi cultivation – to create a smooth flow of chi to create a sense of harmony and balance in your body, spaces, and life. New placements are made with your clear intentions in alignment with your life goals and aspirations.


“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” – Anais Nin

I have always been drawn to the elegant beauty of the lotus flower as a symbol and metaphor for the human experience. The lotus is a symbol of how you may transform, remain strong, no matter the current circumstances of our environment and personal landscape. As the lotus stands on a single stem, you stand alone and live within environments that may change, some nourishing more than others. The lotus paradox is the blossom grows deeply rooted in muddy water yet emerges with exquisiteness, untouched by pollution, to a flower that symbolizes beauty, light and life, inspiring transcendence, and transformation.

The lotus has a single, strong stalk that supports it just as we stand alone in life, responsible for ourselves. The lotus emerges from the murky darkness of a pond, directed to the light. The lotus acts as a metaphor emerging from a muddy pond similar to those who may feel stuck in the “muck” of their lives, seeking to solve problems, achieve clarity of mind, take action, and arrive at solutions that can transform their lives. Do we not wish for this throughout our lives? Do we not seek to realize our inner most gifts just as the inner hidden petals of the lotus slowly open to the light? Do we not wish to be bold, be daring, be our true selves?

Using lotus flower as the metaphor, I help you create healthy personal spaces for home and business based on the ancient principles of Feng Shui. The process begins with courage to create a new path and find clarity of mind from problems that seem to impede us. We begin by cleaning and clearing clutter from of our environments just as the lotus leaf is shaped to naturally cleanse itself, that even a drop of water rolls off, gathering dust as it moves, leaving a long clean path.

Feng Shui with Lurrae is a therapeutic process.  The session begins with a lengthly conversation. Who are you really?  What do you want at this time in your life?  I use my original materials to identify your three top priorities for change based on a template known as the Bagua, aka, The Nine Life Aspirations which are Health & Ancestors, Wealth, Fame & Reputation, Relationships, Future Projects & Children, Benefactors, Career & Life’s Journey, Spiritual Life & Wisdom. The Tai Chi symbol is at the center of the nine energies. The Tai Chi symbolizes perfect balance and harmony in all aspects of life. What situation in your life does not fall into one or more of the Nine Life Aspiration categories?

After The Feng Shui Conversation to identity your goals and aspirations is complete, we move on to The Feng Shui Consultation itself. This experience encompasses a review of your environments from the macro to micro view. We review shape of property, buildings, floor plan, structural elements, individual rooms to the micro details of design and placements of furnishings including the primary placements of bed, desk and stove, living room sofa and position of front door. Suggested corrections, cures and remedies focus on the external landscape as well as the interior structure and design by making new placements with intention followed by a ceremony to seal the new intentions and placements.

Feng Shui is based on ancient principles of design. Most often I suggest using what is available and your most beloved objects. They are used  in new placements but with a revised intention and focus. The total experience shifts your “InnerSpace” leading to a renewed sense of happiness, vitality, and empowerment as spaces reflect personal goals and an improved flow of chi, the vital life force energy.

Results occur when immediate and visible action has been taken toward goals. Most often we have everything we need. Feng Shui helps to place your possessions in the right places. The time has come to be in the now, and not wait to create later what you can take action on today. A simple spark can ignite a flame of change.

Feng Shui with Lurrae is confidential, fun, interactive and a process of taking immediate action toward future goals by making new placements with intention based on the ancient wisdom and common sense design principles of Feng Shui.