Feng Shui for Business

Feng Shui for Home-Based Business, Work Spaces and Corporate Office

“Choose work you love and you will never work another day in your life.”   ―Confucius

“Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose.  You are already naked.  There is no reason not to follow your heart. ”  – Steve Jobs

Business success and creating your fortune is a dream for many who believe in entrepreneurship and benefits of capitalism.  Your entrepreneurship initiatives may have started with a lemonade stand or cashing out customers in a family business enjoying the jingle of coins or feeling paper bills adorned with our American Presidents.  Volumes have been written about how to cultivate and achieve business success. However, few suggest that financial success may be attributed directly to your personal Feng Shui.

The landscape features of the property on which you grew up, as well as the property you now occupy, home in which you live, door from which you leave to go to your place of business contribute to one’s business success.  Feng Shui for Business follows The Feng Shui Conversation and The Feng Shui Consultation for Home. Be it a home-based or otherwise, your review must begin with understanding the foundational feng shui aspects of the home and property, and secondarily, a review of the business property, building and offices of the President, CEO, CFO and other key business officers, among other factors. The same factors contribute to home-based business success. Feng Shui for Business must necessarily begin with a review of the home. Home is where your story begins, particularly if you are ready to re-write it for success.

Living on an ideal Feng Shui home site is auspicious and particularly beneficial for a business owner. Ideal features of a home are attributed to smooth flowing chi and having the presence of energies of the mythical animals of Tortoise, Dragon, Tiger and Phoenix.  The Tortoise is a symbol of protection and strong support. The Dragon is male/yang energy protecting your home site on left when facing the house from the street. Tiger is female/yin energy on right side when facing the house from the street. The Phoenix energy represents having an unblocked and distant view 360-degree view from front door, ideally including a water feature. The Phoenix energy is a symbol that your business vision and opportunities will prosper in unlimited ways.  The ideal Feng Shui site creates an armchair affect with the beneficial flow of chi and will contribute to good health, vitality, success and good fortune for the occupants.

Do you want to jump start your business?  Consider the Feng Shui eyes of Lurrae and the principles of Feng Shui for empowerment, wealth building, and success.